We are a group of experienced event leaders for various kind of events in Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. We know how to turn every event into an unforgettable experience, served in a modern way, with respect for expectations and needs of its participants.
Nothing is impossible for us! 馃檪

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Everyone has some talents, I discovered my love for music a long time ago and follow it from that time, enjoying life.

I can lead in:


Since always music was me greatest passion. I love to share it with the others, spread positive energy and create unforgettable parties with exceptional atmosphere. Full dancefloor is full happiness.
I can lead in: English, French


Sometimes coincidences make us be exactly where we should be. Distance is not relevant, because passion has no boundaries. Since I was a child my passion were music and foreign languages. With event leading I can fulfill them both.

I can lead in:
English, Spanish, German, Polish


After a hard, often stressful week there comes a state of ease, when we can fulfill ourselves with music, relax participants with good sounds.

I can lead in:


The best payment for hard work are words from people leaving the local in the morning and appreciation of what we try to express with music and our commitment

I can lead in:


I love to be a part of celebrations that matter to people – and I love the excitement just before. For me the most important things are to make everyone enjoy the fun and to make the dancefloor full. I take every event with engagement and treat it as if it was my own celebration.

I can lead in:
English, French, Polish


Youth, ambition and energy. I am not afraid of challenges because each and every one of them helps me get better.

I can lead in:
Ukrainian, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, English


Is it fascinating to observe polish culture and tradition. The possibility to participate in those events gives me a lot of satisfaction

I can lead in:
English, Polish, Russian


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